Puerto Rico is part of the United States. NO PASSPORT REQUIRED for US citizens! And yes, we have lots and lots of "papis"....(not the flowering kind, my dear).

San Juan Pride. June 1, 2014. Located on a Tropical Beach. Swimming, dancing, cocktails under the Caribbean Sun! June 1, Parade begins at Noon.



Welcome to our Tropical Paradise! is San Juan's Gay Guide to everything fabulous.  Bars, nightlife, shopping, beaches, friends, and fun!

Our community has grown significantly since the days when being "gay" meant huddling in some dive bar in a sketchy neighborhood. TheNakedIsland attempts to address the expectations of the broad range within the GLBT Tourist Community.  In San Juan, we practically live outdoors.  Cocktails in a hammock, massages by the ocean, shopping for native art....TheNakedIsland is your Guide and is updated weekly.

In San Juan, Bar hoppers will have three delightful bars in the safe area of Condado (right on the ocean).  Intellectuals will marvel at our 500 years of history.  Party people will adore the street parties, beach bonfires, and and neverending dancing.  Busy professionals will appreciate the modern amenities, wifi, and conference spaces.  The Pampered Princess will find Isla Verde to be simply divine.  Music lovers will be amazed.  Puerto Rico is the world's crucible of musical innovation.  Oh, and Old San Juan is...simply fabulous!  The entertainment, fine dining, architecture, street parties, shopping, breathtaking ocean views of the Old City are internationally admired. 

In San Juan, you will find that being Out and Proud is very accepted in the Tourist Zone.  In San Juan, we spend as much time outdoors as possible.  We are a very athletic, healthy bunch (read between the lines...the men and women in San Juan consistently rank as among the world's most attractive).

A Few Facts About San Juan:

Puerto Rico is an American Territory. Passports are not required for American visitors. 

San Juan is very gay-friendly. It is common to see same-sex couples strolling Ashford Avenue holding hands. Condado and Ocean Park easily qualify as "gay ghettos".

The Tourist Zone in San Juan is extremely safe for visitors. The Tourist Zone is very exclusive and very well maintained, superior in many ways to (and cleaner than) South Beach or Fort Lauderdale. And you don't need a car. The Tourist Zone is walkable.

English is commonly spoken throughout the Tourist Zone.

If you are searching for a chic, cosmopolitan city with an exquisitely fabulous gay vibe (and lots of sun, sand, and palm trees), there is no comparison to San Juan.  If you long for relaxation, tropical breezes, and hammocks, Puerto Rico has hundreds of Caribbean beaches and dozens of resorts. Grab your tickets, pack your swim trunks, and spend a weekend in Paradise.

-Eric Marion, Editor


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The internet is full of stories about crime and danger in Puerto Rico. Much of that information is unfortunately inaccurate and speculative. The clickable map below is a graphic representation of crime rates in San Juan. As in any other major city, there are "safe" areas and "not so safe" areas. Light and medum blue areas are generally considered safe for walking around at night. Deep blue areas have very little street lighting or abut more dangerous areas and thus require a little extra vigilance day or night. It is advisable to always stay in the blue zones while in San Juan. Never enter the deep red zones.  The Tourist Zone has almost no violent crime of any type, domestic or otherwise. You're perfectly, safe in the Tourist Zone, and we have more than enough to entertain you in Old San Juan, Condado, and Isla Verde.

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Welcome to 2014!

You've escaped the frigid north and are looking for things to do in San Juan. I am asked, always, always, always, "what are the gay places in San Juan".  Well, first we don’t distinguish between gay and straight like on the mainland. We have some fabulous gay bars like Splash and Tia Maria, but most local gays spend their time on the beach, the street, or with friends. In Puerto Rico, it is perfectly fine to have a party on the beach, or “janguear” (hang out) with friends on the street. If your destination is a gay bar, understand that on weekends the action usually doesn’t start till at least midnight.

Second, you came for the beaches, right? The gay beach on Vendig is still very popular. The adjacent bar and hotel, a gay fixture for many years, is no longer a gay-exclusive destination. But that doesn’t stop local “papi’s” from brown-bagging it and frolicking in thongs on the beach. Just remember to remember to bring your cooler! Another gay beach favorite is in front of Numero Uno in Ocean Park. Although much less obviously “gay”, the beach attracts (for historical reasons) a large number of local gay beach-goers.

The beaches are always cruisy, day or night. Just be aware of your surroundings if you venture out after nightfall.

Gays in Puerto Rico don’t use Manhunt. We use Adam4Adam.

For condoms, lube and toys, there is a Condom World on Ashford Avenue in Condado (near the intersection of Ashford and Condado Avenue).

There are gay-friendly and gay-owned restaurants such as Oceano on Vendig Street, Café Berlin in Old San Juan,and Kamoli’s on Calle Loiza (near Calle jTaft) and Panucho's at 1800 Calle Loiza.

Get outside, get some fun. Visit the forts, walk the Old City. See El Yunque, or take a day trip to the center of the island. You won’t be bored in Puerto Rico!


1)  Our climate is always, always, between 75-92 f.  Generally, 80-85 f is the norm.

2)  No Passport is required for U.S. Citizens

3)  We are not just in the Caribbean, we define the Caribbean experience.  San Juan is the hub of the entire Caribbean basin.

4)  This ain't Kansas (no offense to Kansans).  San Juan is cosmopolitan, chic, and very gay-friendly.

5)  Unlike other Caribbean cities, San Juan is extremely safe.  Serious crime is almost uknown in the Tourist Zone.

6)  You can speak English.  The overhwhelming majority of residents in the Tourist Zone are English fluent.

7)  The choices of activities are endless.  Swimming, scuba, kitesurfing, surfing, bodyboarding, mountain climbing, hiking, white-water rafting, spelunking, zip-lining, name only a few.

8)  The choices for entertainment are endless.  Jazz, cabaret, salsa, museums, opera, ballet, street fairs, historic re-enactments, theater, classic car shows, rodeos, horse racing, art fairs...just for starters.

9) Puerto Rico's rain forests, tropical beaches, and breathtaking farmland could be the planet's most beautiful.

10) We gave you Ricky Martin.

Policy Regarding Naked's Bar Listings

I am the Editor of The Naked Island. The Naked Island caters primarily to North American tourists.

TheNakedIsland provides updated and accurate information on gay-friendly establishments. However, some venues are located in areas that pose risk to unsuspecting travelers. As with any city, San Juan has dangerous areas. TheNakedIsland declines to list "gay friendly" establishments located on high-risk streets. This isn't North America, and listing bars in high risk areas only invites trouble for unsuspecting tourists. Taking a cab into those zones is not an option.

The truth be told, dark indoor bars are not high on a Puerto Rican's list of things to do. We drink openly on the beach, attend drum circles and bonfires, go to block parties, dine al fresco....everything in Puerto Rico is done outdoors. Seeking out a gay bar is, well, very North American. There is so much more to do in Puerto Rico: Rain forests, beaches, farmland, historic buildings, museums, theater, reggaetone, opera, salsa, bomba, sofrito, mofongo....the list is endless.

The Naked Island's standards are high but I believe our visitors deserve a carefree and safe vacation in paradise. Many of my northern friends use this site to navigate the island. When I say "don't go there" and refuse to list an area or bar, don't argue. Just grab a pina colada and enjoy the sunshine. I've done the worrying for you.


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Paseo de La Princesa Street Fair -Old San Juan Saturdays, Sundays

Clang, Clang Went the Trolley!  Free trolly tours Old San Juan, Daily - Plaza Las Armas


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